Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am a bacon-tarian. Lately my sister Emme and I have been slightly (extremely) bacon obsessed. The other day we drove past a auto part store called "Bacon Mechanics." I spent the rest of the day fantasizing (bacon-izing) about Mr. Bacon and his seven handsome sons. I may or may not have started signing my name "Lily Von-Bacon" just as practice...

We have been reading bacon blogs and exploring bacon themed merchandise. Sooner or later, one of us will buy that pair of bacon earrings.

As wonderful as the word "bacon" would be as a last name, as comely as bacon is to the eye, nothing comes close to the taste and smell of that marble-ly meat. In my recent bacon-thusiasm, I came across for a recipe for Bacon Brownies. Stop reading now unless you plan to take me seriously.

I used a highly rated moist brownie mix and some crispy, friendly bacon. I coarsely chopped about two handfuls of bacon and stirred it into the mix. It smelled wonderful baking. When it cooled I had my first bite. The brownie texture was perfect. Soon, a piece of bacon hit my teeth. I wasn't keen on the combination of textures, but the flavors were very nice. I plan to take a bunch to work tomorrow and see how people like them (bacon-rific!).

To all you readers out there, may I bacon-ize just a little bit more? I hope to one day find a man who will love bacon as much as I do (Bacon-sexual). I can't think of anything more romantic than making bacon with the one I love. Come my love, let me scoop this fluffy chocolate pastry and bacon into your mouth. Kiss me.


  1. I took me a while to figure out whose bizar-o blog I was reading in my google reader. I was like "who subscribed me to this?"...
    lily von bacon, you are killing me.

  2. Bacon. Lily, I'm glad you know, as I do, that bacon makes absolutely everything better! I usually hate cereal, but with bacon added it is a pleasure to the tongue. If you add bacon grease instead of milk it gets even better.